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“When Oliver Speaks” is a story of an underdog who learns to rise, as Oliver is a person who stutters. And, unfortunately, he is faced with the challenge of not only speaking but overcoming the anxiety associated with being a per-son who stutters. Often times he is faced with ridicule which causes him to retreat from those situations that require him to speak. It is only after Mrs. Bakersfield telephones his mother, that he is forced to not only disclose the secret he’s been hiding, but he is also compelled through the unconditional love of his mother and practicalities of life to not overcome his challenges, but to embrace them.

About the Authors

Kimberly Garvin is a professional speaker and author, with a passion for engaging audiences, connecting people, and bringing out the best in those she encounters on a daily basis. Through her prolific speaking career, as well as her peerless gift for writing, Kimberly has touched thousands of lives, bringing confidence and wisdom to those who are exposed to her way of thinking. Kimberly holds a degree in mass communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University. When she is not on stage or at a book signing, Kimberly loves writing, reading and spending time with friends and family. She also appears regularly as a guest at special events and radio stations around the country.

Saadiq Wicks is 15 years old and the Founder and Director of Lllet Me Finish, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting young people who stutter that they may be successful in school and within their community. He is also a person who has stuttered for as long as he can remember talking. One of his goals-as he has many-is to raise international awareness about stuttering . He also wants to help both kids and adults who stutter to get to a place where they feel okay, better than okay, about their speech and even better about themselves.